A Distant Memory

Just to let you know, I am a grateful man

Earth is pit, alive and I never saw you clear

I should have taken your hand, and felt your breath

Never realised I would have had so much to lose

Without ever pulling you close

I believed Nothing ever lasted but your laughter

But before you were there, I never ever dared

A distant memory, hope it shall remain

Drinking Bleaches

It is summer and it is perfect time to explore beaches

But these beaches have gone out of reaches

Cannot even saviour the grilled fishes

Can lurk only in our own personal niches

Near, far lost in transition listening to empty speeches

Stuck in isolation, watching crap while drinking bleaches

Lost in Caption

What Do I Try

Neither verses nor the permanent pain fade

Can this pathetic nothingness even downgrade?

All out of faith, hoping to see the light

Whining at things that don’t change, penultimate fight

Tears don’t dry when you cry

Is disappearing from sanity worth the try ?

Lockdown in Verses Lost

Wide Awake in Quietus

​Visions of chaotic delirium escape through my head.
I feel nothing but pain making me wish I was dead.
Spiraling towards annihilation, same shit like before.
Wishing to go back to my dead amour cannot ignore.
All torment on the way along, sins I have tried to resist.
Now I just see my sins will never cease to exist.
Can’t stop sinning even when days turn to night.
This endless pain I can no longer fight.
Yet the pain of emptiness strikes again and again.
Making sins even more meaningless than me turning insane.
Focused not to kill myself, I’m but a slave.
Maybe I’ll rest when I’ll be wide awake in quietus in my peaceful grave.
Cursed from my darkness like poison in my vein.
It’s clouding my sanity once again.

silhouette photo of a person
Photo by Misho Gugulashvili on Pexels.com