Answer or Blame

The best among us believe there is some progress, but do they even know there is lie in the word believe. Can they lead us through the stormy night and the sweaty moribund morning? Constantly immaculated by the never dying fear, can we ever love when everything has turned to hate. The words have lost their meaning when they know only to spit venom and pit man against man.

Can we take back what we did to mother earth?
Maybe we can ruin this planet more before we lose hope. Looking at everything, I have no faith to run back to, nowhere to belong but eternity in hell seems like a minute on earth. It burns my heart into a hole knowing we can choose to end this hate but do we unite or do we become puppets of the goons pulling the strings.

Smirks thrown by Two-faced enemies who criticize he said she said through the years he ugly oppression of hope. Where is the fight to save sanity, to seal a hole in the heart The civilization fades away and the bitter taste left behind will haunt.Or maybe we can escape and build a wall of isolation in desperation juxtaposed between knowing they won’t be here to answer the call and none left to blame the fall.


Published by Imperial Regulator

Antidotum Nazareni Auferat Necem Intoxicationis Sanctificet Alimenta Pocula Trinitas Alma

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