What Do I Try

Neither verses nor the permanent pain fade Can this pathetic nothingness even downgrade? All out of faith, hoping to see the light Whining at things that don’t change, penultimate fight Tears don’t dry when you cry Is disappearing from sanity worth the try ?

Sleep Cures Everything

Sleep cures everything, girl of my dreams said as she bid good night I smiled for the last time not knowing that it would be a final goodbye While I argued that I hate sleeping and whined something pathetic While still wondering why this beautiful woman even stuck With a wayward lunatic who made noContinue reading “Sleep Cures Everything”

Death in Simplicity

Wish I was too dead to cry Are my words anything but a lie I know not what I’m looking for, there’s nothing I’d settle for The hours are long, even in a world where I do not belong Somewhere I know I’ll never have emotions It’s just for humans But nailing me to aContinue reading “Death in Simplicity”