Sleep Cures Everything

Sleep cures everything, girl of my dreams said as she bid good night I smiled for the last time not knowing that it would be a final goodbye While I argued that I hate sleeping and whined something pathetic While still wondering why this beautiful woman even stuck With a wayward lunatic who made noContinue reading “Sleep Cures Everything”

Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward

Nine hundred years, time lost amidst the silent howlings. You cannot escape from your sanity that condemns your musings. Memories from a different life, the goodbyes that were never said. The lost words imprinted that stood the test of time only to be read. The time that never was that led to an existence neverContinue reading “Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward”

Pagan on a Noose

Like a pagan hanging on a noose, you are stranded With all the repercussions that get labelled and branded Nothing ever is sacred that demands you to be dead What are rights and wrongs when you long for something All you can do is keep lurking while losing your sanity drowning in everything In theContinue reading “Pagan on a Noose”